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Launch your own Radio Station. We provide stream hosting for broadcasting your own music or talk shows. Add your music, schedule your programs, and broadcast effortlessly!


Radio Stream Hosting
Radio Stream Hosting $35.00 per month
Music Licensing $79.00 per month (No Commercials)
Radio Station Management (Schedule Music/Show) $260.00 per month (1 hour per week add. 65.00 per hour)


We offer a full range of podcast production services in Southern California. We can help you with everything from your shows from concept through its launch.

  • We make podcasting easier for you
  • We are a friendly and professional group of people
  • We handle a wide range of audio production services
  • We offer flexible hours and scheduling convenience
  • We take pride in our work and the level of service we provide


  • How can I listen to my station?

    You can listen to your station on our Skyhawk Radio Mobile app and Skyhawk Radio website. We will supply you with links to embeddable Web Players and other Embed Codes you can use to show information on your website.

  • Do you run ads in my content?

    No, we do not run third party advertising in your stream or on your pre-rolls, banners.

  • Can I have other DJs from other locations broadcast on my station?

    You can create as many DJ usernames as you like. You can also set their access levels if you do not want them to access all the admin features. They can then connect and carry out their show at set times or upload their show to the autoDJ system.

  • What is autoDJ?

    With auto DJ the streaming is carried out from our servers. Simply upload your mp3s, create a playlist, and start the service. You can shuffle, play in a particular order and even carry out playlist scheduling.

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