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How To Start A Podcast: 5 Day Crash Course
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Once your podcast has been edited, mixed and mastered you are now ready to share it with the world!

Skyhawk Podcast will submit your podcast to Apple Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher and all the top podcast directories. We schedule your episode to publish automatically at the correct day & time on both your website and out to all the top podcasting platforms.


Episode Publishing
Publishing episodes to all the major Podcast Directories $14.95 (per submission)


We offer a full range of podcast production services in Southern California. We can help you with everything from your shows from concept through its launch.

  • We make podcasting easier for you
  • We are a friendly and professional group of people
  • We handle a wide range of audio production services
  • We offer flexible hours and scheduling convenience
  • We take pride in our work and the level of service we provide


  • Once I sign up for Podcast Publishing how long does it take for my podcast to appear on external platforms?

    Once we’ve published your podcast you can expect to see listings start to appear in Podcast Directories over the next few days. Please note, Apple Podcasts takes the longest, usually appearing within 7-10 days.

  • After publishing a new episode, how long does it usually take to appear on external platforms?

    Once a new episode is published it will typically be synced everywhere within 24 hours.

  • Can I change/edit my URLs from external platforms? I want them to reflect my podcast's title.

    Unfortunately, you cannot edit the URLs provided by each individual platform. Editing them will cause for them to no longer work. Please keep them as they were provided to you by each platform.

  • Should I have my Podcast on my website?

    Absolutely, Your website is your podcast’s home online.

  • What is an RSS feed?

    Really Simple Syndication, a standardized system for the distribution of content from an online publisher to Internet users.

    In the context of podcasts, an RSS feed can be used to automatically download new podcasts when they become available.

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